keep walking the path you choose

finishing class early and catching up on cartoons is the best this day has been surprisingly good so far? like i got a proper breakfast for once and class was short and fun


ILU RAINY I was waiting for that one I won’t include any GO characters so that you can enjoy this little list too 

1. Absolutly not Kazemaru Ichirouta 

2. Penguin with goggles 


4. *soft fubuki smile*

5. (impossible choice) Touko??? Natsumi?? Tachimukai??? Tsunami??? Who knows 

I love so much of them (but not all of them, the first coach, kageyama, the blond bitch and THE OTHER BITCH can go eat grass)

senyuu ;^)

everything about senyuu is such a blur but that’s what I get for watching it in german and only ever reading fics instead of the actual manga

but let’s do this 

1. Alba !! What a good guy Alba.

2. Ruki !! I remember her as hilarious?? Wouldn’t want any other demon ruler.

3. Januar was strangely likeable I was rooting for him so hard I don’t remember why but??? Januar

4. Elf !!! What a fun guy, Elf.

5. “”Ross””